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Thanet Colts in Zambia

20 September 2017

When your team gets a new kit do you ever think what happens to the old one?

Thanet Colts have been sending its old kit to Zambia with help from some local companies/charities.

Photos of our kits being used along with an email we received thanking us for our donations.

Every little helps and it is fantastic to see the kits being reused. J

Hello Paul,

We visited the Children's Home and Orphanage in Zambia last month, between us we took two full kits and nine balls in our luggage. The smaller sizes are being shipped in our normal parcels.

Here are some of the photos, they look a bit serious but when you realise these children have NEVER had any proper kit before it was a really big thing for them. They loved it and immediately arranged a match with the local village kids. They are football mad, lack coaching and so are technically not very good, but are amazingly tough, they play on rough ground in bare feet.

Your generous gift has made a big difference, we are very grateful to you and Thanet Colts FC